reflecting the heart of the human experience

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"Anywhere with You" Out nov. 27th

Nov. 2020

New single out 27th of november. "Anywhere with You" will hit you like a wave. Crank it up, listen, sing out loud and share! 
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reflecting the heart of the human experience

komakid will lure you into their dreamlike sphere with their dark and bittersweet soundscapes. Where rock meets ambient and electronica, a filmatic expression reveals itself and the playful contrasts between the lyrics and the music will give you a unique musical experience.

komakids sound consists of warm, overdriven guitars, cold synths, soaring pedal steel, heavy bass lines and machinery like drums pushed to their very limit. Filled with raw and unfettered energy, yet vulnerable in its sincerity, komakid leave themselves and their audience emotionally exposed.

The komakid sounds and lyrics are rich and nuanced, daring and endearing, reflecting the heart of the human experience.



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